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Rev. Mark Morrison-Reed, Chapel Sermon at Starr King School

Mark Morrison-ReedRev. Mark Morrison-Reed served as co-minister of Unitarian Universalist congregations in Rochester, New York and Toronto with his wife, the Rev. Donna Morrison-Reed.  He has authored and edited several books, including his newly published Darkening the Doorways: Black Trailblazers and Missed Opportunities in Unitarian Universalism (2011), Black Pioneers in a White Denomination (1992), and In Between: Memoir Of An Integration Baby (2008).

On December 6, 2012, Rev. Morrison-Reed led Starr King’s weekly worship.  In his sermon, he explores the complex relationship between ministry and social justice and shares profound experiences that shaped his life as a UU minister and social activist. Third-year Starr King MDiv student Tom Bozeman served as his worship assistant.

Rev. Dr. J. Alfred Smith keynote address at Starr King School

Dr. A Smith Jr.Rev. Dr. J. Alfred Smith, Jr. is Senior Pastor of the Allen Temple Baptist Church in Oakland, CA, a congregation of over 5,000 members. Dr. Smith holds a Masters of Divinity degree from Starr King School for the Ministry in Berkeley where this recorded keynote address was given. Dr. Smith speaks about his experiences as a student at Starr King and the impact on his ministry.

Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker on Illini Public Radio

Rebecca ParkerInterview with Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker, President and Professor of Theology at Starr King School, discussing her book “A House for Hope” and the promise of progressive religion for the 21st century. Dr. Parker is interviewed on Illini Public Media radio with her co-author, Rev. Dr. John Beuhrens. (Sep 24, 2010)

Rumi Immersion Course in Turkey – Ibrahim Farajajé

IFInterview in Turkey with Dr. Ibrahim Farajajé by Rev. Linda Anderson. Their conversation explores Dr. Farajajé’s personal journey to Sufism and the recent pilgrimage of sixteen Starr King students to sacred sites in Turkey, as part of Starr King’s Rumi Immersion Course in December 2008.
Rev. Anderson is minister of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Catskills in Kingston, N.Y. and was a student of the Rumi Immersion course.

Students Reflect on Master of Arts in Social Change Program

Som PourfarzanehTwo Master of Arts in Social Change degree program graduates, Som Pourfarzaneh (pictured at left) and Betty-Jeanne Rüters Ward, discuss what drew them to the program, what they’ve learned about the skills and commitment of leadership and the important role in their program of SKSM’s commitment to Educating to Counter Oppressions.

Watch a Video About Starr King School

This ten-minute video, produced by Starr King student Garrick Linn, presents our new educational model, introduces our students and faculty, and lays out our vision for theological education in the 21st century.

Andalusia and Beyond

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Dr. Ibrahim Farajajé, Director of the Luce Project for Multi-religious Theological Education and Professor of Cultural Studies and Islamic Studies, presents his recent research on the historical and theological intersections of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. This is a recording of the September 5, 2007 presentation, “Andalusia and Beyond: Interrupting Epistemologies of Surprise.”

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Archived Podcasts

Spirituality and Martial Arts

Starr King MASC graduate Som Pourfarzaneh describes the martial arts and other embodied disciplines as pathways to spirituality and social justice.

Manzanar 2

SKSM student Shelley Page interviews Mollie Fujioka, a Unitarian Universalist who lived in the Tule Lake Relocation Camp during World War II and was active in the Japanese American reparations movement.


Starr King student Shelley Page reads the poems she wrote in response to her pilgrimage to Manzanar, a California relocation camp where the U.S. government held 10,000 persons of Japanese ancestry for three years during World War II.

Listen to Page’s interview with Mollie Fujioka, a Unitarian Universalist who lived in the Tule Lake relocation camp as a teenager and was active in the Japanese American redress movement.

Nurturing Ethics

Starr King 2003 graduate Rebecca Gordon describes teaching ethics to University of San Francisco undergrads first making the acquaintance of philosophers such as Aristotle and Immanuel Kant. She also talks about her activist background and upcoming dissertation about institutions and other organizations that help develop virtue to resist governmental sanction of torture.

Training for Leadership

Starr King MASC (Master of Arts in Religious Leadership for Social Change) students Betty Jeanne Rueters-Ward and Som Pourfarzaneh discuss their paths to the program and what they’ve learned that will serve them as progressive social leaders, particularly from SKSM’s commitment to educating to counter oppressions.

Supporting Starr King Students

Elizabeth Marsh, a second-year M.Div. student and recipient of financial aid, describes the importance of supporting diverse and committed future Unitarian Universalist leaders with contributions to the school’s student scholarship fund.

Charting the Future of Religious Education

The Rev. Michelle Favreault, a Starr King graduate and Education Minister at the First Unitarian Church of Oakland, Calif., is interviewed by SKSM Acting President Dave Sammons. Favreault talks about current issues in Unitarian Universalist religious education and the changes she’s working to put in place at her own church and hopes to see in other UU religious communities.

Our Whole Lives

The Rev. Bonnie Dlott, a Starr King graduate who has taught the Unitarian Universalist Our Whole Lives (OWL) comprehensive, values-based sexuality program to children for several years, is interviewed by SKSM Acting President Dave Sammons. Dlott describes what she finds valuable in an approach that encourages open discussion about partnership and intimacy choice. She’s currently serving as a consulting minister to the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of North Bay in Napa, Calif.

A Guided Meditation

Starr King student Jeanelyse Doran Adams, a spiritual direction consultant, created a 10-minute guided meditation that SKSM Online Education Director Cathleen Young presents. Soyinka Rahim, founder and director of the Ourthing Performing Arts Company, performs on Native American flute. Join us for a restorative, thoughtful pause in your day.

The Long Walk to Abolish the Death Penalty

SKSM student Denis Paul and SKSM grad the Rev. Chris Craethnenn are interviewed, along with others, during a 25-mile walk from San Francisco to San Quentin Prison, a trek for life whenever an inmate is scheduled to die. Our thanks to “Making Contact,” a weekly series from the National Radio Project, for allowing us to share this story.

The Living Waters of Lake Tahoe

Starr King student Chris Long reads the Rev. Thomas Starr King’s account of his visit to Lake Tahoe in the 1860s, and what this noted environmentalist, religious leader and orator saw as the mighty and wondrous link between God, nature and the jewel-like brilliance of a Sierra lake.

Starr King School: The First Hundred Years
Author Arliss Ungar, recipient of a Starr King honorary doctorate and longtime supporter of the school, reads an excerpt from her book, “Starr King School for the Ministry: The History of its First Hundred Years,” published in 2006 and available through

Keep the Circle Whole

A sermon the Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker, SKSM President, delivered April 29, 2006 to a meeting of the Pacific Central District of the Unitarian Universalist Association in Concord, Calif., with an introduction by the Rev. Dr. David Sammons, Acting President of SKSM for Fall 2006. In the sermon, Dr. Parker answer the question about whether there’s a center in Unitarian Universalism.

Proverbs of Ashes

The Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker, SKSM President, and Dr. Rita Nakashima Brock read excerpts from their 2001 book, “Proverbs of Ashes: Violence, Redemptive Suffering, and the Search for What Saves Us,” published by Beacon Press, which described the book as “both a condemnation of bad theology and a passionate search for what truly saves us.”

Soul Music

The Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker, SKSM President, reads her sermon about fostering connection with others and the earth while living one’s life as an act of praise. The sermon is included in her essay collection, “Blessing the World: What Can Save Us Now,” published by Skinner House Books in spring 2006. The book was edited by the Rev. Rob Hardies, minister of All Souls Unitarian church in Washington, D.C., and a SKSM graduate.

From Pulpit to Pedagogy

The Rev. Dr. Dave Sammons, Starr King Acting President for fall 2006, describes his experiences transitioning from church ministry after more than 40 years to teaching ministers-in-training in a seminary setting and leading the school during the sabbatical of the Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker.

Planned Parenthood Chaplain

The Rev. Dr. Dave Sammons, Starr King Acting President for fall 2006, interviews 2006 SKSM grad Lisa Sargent about her work as California’s first and only full-time employed Planned Parenthood chaplain. Sargent provides pastoral care to patients at eight clinics in Planned Parenthood’s Golden Gate affiliate, serving the San Francisco Bay Area.

Poetry of Illness and Healing

Five Starr King students read prose and poetry they wrote for a Fall 2005 course, taught by the Rev. Chris Fry, on poetry, illness and pastoral care.