Joint Degree (MDiv/MASC)

Starr King allows students interested in integrating academic, ministerial and activist professional formation to pursue both the Master of Divinity (MDiv) and the Master of Arts in Social Change (MASC).

About Joint Degrees

Matriculation in the joint MDiv/MASC can be done sequentially (starting with only one degree, and then petitioning to apply for the other) or concurrently. However, a student must apply and be admitted to the second program before completing the requirement for the first degree.

Double Degree Requirements

  • A total of 114 credits – 24 units can be used towards both degrees, at the discretion of the student’s advisor.
  • Only one Mid-Degree Portfolio Conference
  • All other degree requirements for each program.

There are no residency requirements.

The Director of the MASC program should also be consulted when the MASC degree is involved.

The financial advantages of the double degree are the lowering of total credit load by 24 credits.