The Tapestry

Welcome to The Tapestry

When we founded the Center for Multi-Religious Studies in 2021, our vision included the potential to create a platform for supporting multi-religious scholarship and education.

The Tapestry is an expression of that original vision, representing a repository of multi-religious articles, media, curricula, and educational materials developed by scholars and practitioners from a variety of backgrounds. Published by the Center for Multi-Religious Studies, The Tapestry serves as a container for the exploration of non-binary religious identities that represent a diversity of faith and spiritual traditions.

Many of us have grown into settings where religious identity and formation are of a binary nature: we’re Christian or Muslim, Buddhist or Hindu, Jewish or Bahá’í, spiritual but not religious. Supporting the CMRS’ mission to nurture the study of non-binary multi-religious identity, The Tapestry is an online publication where all faiths and spiritualities are welcome as equal partners in educating to counter oppressions and creating just and sustainable communities.

We hope that you enjoy experiencing The Tapestry as much as we enjoy its weaving and co-creation by all of our collaborators, faculty, students, staff, and community members.


Som Pourfarzaneh, Ph.D.
Director, Center for Multi-Religious Studies
Editor-in-Chief, The Tapestry