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10 Years of MASC: Celebrating a Decade of Sacred Social Change

For over a century, Starr King School for the Ministry and its graduates have embodied a living legacy of theologians, activists, ministers, artists, religious educators, and lay leaders who have changed our understanding of Unitarian Universalism and progressive religion. This academic year, we will be recognizing the latest chapter in our dynamic legacy in our… Read More

Mandy Goheen

I Am Starr King: Interview with Mandy Goheen

Mandy Goheen 3rd Year M.Div. Student   What inspired you to become a religious leader? I was as a volunteer with an interfaith community-organizing group around economic justice in the (Washington) DC metro area. The work in my county was specifically around foreclosure caused by predatory lending. By taking on GE, Bank of America, and… Read More


I Am Starr King: Interview with Som Pourfarzaneh

Som Pourfarzaneh Graduate of Starr King (MASC, 2007) What inspired you to become a religious leader? I went to Cal (UC Berkeley) for my undergraduate degree and I studied integrative biology. I was excited about what I was doing in terms of the academic study. I knew that I wanted to be in the academy… Read More

Jane Kolmodin

Welcome to Jane Kolmodin

Starr King School for the Ministry is proud to announce that Jane Kolmodin is now serving as Vice President for Finance & Administration. Jane is a second generation Bay Area native, raised in the East Bay, and has not ventured beyond the peninsula for residence. She is a firm believer that life in the Bay Area is… Read More


Starr King Co-Sponsors Day of Action Against Islamophobia

On December 17, 2015, Starr King School for the Ministry answered a call to action by co-sponsoring an inter-faith day of Solidarity Against Islamophobia with Berkeley’s Graduate Theological Union (GTU). Sparked by a national conversation on terrorism and Muslim’s rights, the event featured a panel discussion, joint statement denouncing hateful rhetoric, and multi-religious prayer vigil culminating at Zaytuna College, the first Muslim… Read More

Amir Kia

I Am Starr King: Interview with Amir Kia

Amir Kia Graduate of Starr King (2005) Former Board Member Founder of Agesong and Spirit Living Group   What was it like to be the first student to earn the Common M.A. in Islamic Studies through the GTU and Starr King? I applied to various programs and interviewed with different departments and professors and I think what… Read More

Eric Schuman Fam

I Am Starr King: Interview with Eric Schuman

Eric Schuman Annual Donor Intersession Student Can you tell us about your relationship with Starr King? I attended my first general assembly in Boston in 1969 and I wrote to Bob Kimball, who was President of Starr King at the time, and asked to meet with him. We had lunch together on a park bench… Read More


I Am Starr King: Interview with Dr. Hugo Córdova Quero

Dr. Hugo Córdova Quero Director of Online Education Adjunct Faculty Why did you decide to become a religious leader? I think it runs in the family. My great grandfather was a minister, my two grandfathers were ministers, and my father and mother were ministers. So it was logical for me to become a minister. I… Read More

Jan Hutslar

I Am Starr King: Interview with Jan Hutslar

Jan Hutslar 2nd Year M. Div. Student   What inspired you to become a religious leader?  I wouldn’t exactly say that when I started out on this path I was inspired. It was more like it opened up and I fell into it. I started out working as a Director of Religious Education and that… Read More


Starr King Welcomes the Board of Trustees to its Bi-Annual Meeting

On November 10, 2015, Starr King School for the Ministry welcomed the Board of Trustees to the school for its bi-annual meeting. Students, staff, and faculty greeted them with a group lunch and Anti-Racist Theologies chapel service, kicking off a three-day session to chart the future of the school. It was noted that this particular group, now assembled… Read More

Barbara Myers Screenshot

I Am Starr King: Interview with The Rev. Barbara Meyers

Watch The Rev. Barbara Meyers, graduate of Starr King (Class of 2004) and annual donor, speak on what Starr King has meant to her and what inspires her to support the school. How did you come to be a student at Starr King? When I was in my early 30s I suffered from a severe postpartum… Read More