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Summer & Fall ’13 Courses Rebecca Parker

Dear Starr King Friend,

Early registration opens today, April 8, for our Summer Intensives and Fall online courses. Consider studying with us! Starr King’s courses are open to ministerial students at any school, to ministers seeking continuing education, to social justice activists looking for further grounding, and to any and all interested adults seeking to advance their knowledge of religion, ethics, and spirituality. These courses are applicable towards a Starr King Certificate in Unitarian Universalist Studies or a Starr King Certificate in Multi-Religious Studies and they are part of our Emergent Educational Design.  Early registration is open through April 19. See How to Register for a Starr King Course for details. Early registration is strongly encouraged, as classes do fill up early.

We welcome your help in spreading the word about Starr King’s outstanding learning opportunities and Emergent Educational Design. Kindly forward this announcement to others, post this information on your congregation’s website, or speak to someone you know who might benefit from studying with us. We are currently accepting applications for our M.Div., M.A.S.C., and M.A. degree programs.


Susan RitchieUnitarian Universalist Polity: General Assembly Immersion
June 19-23

Instructor: Susan Ritchie 

The Polity Immersion class runs from June 19-23 at the site of the Unitarian Universalist Association’s General Assembly in Louisville, KY.

Joann MacySymposium 2013 – Loving Our Earth

August 28-29

Leaders: Gabriella Lettini & Joanna Macy 

Starr King’s second Symposium, “Loving Our Earth,” will focus on environmental justice for two days of learning, ritual, celebration, food, music, community-building and service.

Gabriella LettiniEducating to Create Just and Sustainable
Communities that Counter Oppressions

August 19-23

Instructors: Rebecca Parker & Gabriella Lettini

We will ask, how can spirituality, ministry, and religious activism respond to the multiple and intersecting realities of injustice, suffering, and oppression in our lives and our world?

Roman CoinHistory of Christianity

August 24-26

Instructor: Susan Ritchie

This 3-day intensive course is a general survey introduction to church history (no previous knowledge of Christianity will be assumed), with special attention paid to matters of particular interest to liberal and progressive traditions.

Instruction Begins September 3

Global Religious Traditions

Instructor: Cassie Lipowitz

This course will examine the major global religions from a cross-cultural, multi-religious perspective.  We will consider the religions from a thematic perspective by analyzing fundamental beliefs and practices in the various religious traditions.

19th Century Unitarians and Nature

Instructor: Sheri Prud’homme

This course will illuminate key aspects of Unitarian theologies in the mid-nineteenth century as they depicted the relationship among God, nature, and humankind, with close attention to the American Transcendentalists.

Progressive Educational Theory

Instructor: Devorah Greenstein

Can schools build a new society? Can religious education programs in our congregations change the world? This course will offer a deeply nuanced understanding of education — our most important and least understood social institution.

Spiritual Practices for These Times

Instructor: Christine Fry

During this year-long, on-line course, students will deepen their understanding and practice of eight ancient, intersecting spiritual practices helpful in these times.

Dynamic Youth Ministry

Instructors: Megan Dowdell & Betty Jeanne Rueters-Ward

Geared particularly toward Unitarian Universalists, this course seeks to embody a vision of youth ministry that is a vibrant, robust, and flexible part of every congregation.

Mysticism and Social Change

Instructor: Lisa Rankow

This course explores the powerful synergy between mystic spirituality and social activism.

Queer Studies from a Multireligious Perspective

Instructor: Hugo Córdova Quero

In an increasingly changing and globalized world, the intersection of religious and queer studies is vital for understanding the construction of identities.

Turkish-Sephardic Culture: History, Language, Music & Cuisine

Instructor: Karen Sarhon

The Turkish-Sephardic Culture is about the history, language, music and cuisine of the Turkish Jews, who were exiled from Spain by the Spanish Inquisition and arrived in the Ottoman Empire in 1492.

Note: Starr King also offers residential full-semester courses in Berkeley open to special (non-degree) students. See our full listing of courses. Degree students have free cross-registration access to all Graduate Theological Union member school courses – see the GTU course listings.

As ever, I welcome your comments.  Please don’t hesitate to be in touch!  (rparker@sksm.edu)

In grace and gratitude,
Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker  President and Professor of Theologyrparker@sksm.edu

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