Take a Course Online with Starr King — Fall 2010

snapshot_bannersnapshot-2010-04-15Dr. Susan Ritchie teaches Unitarian Universalist History online, Fall 2010. Pictured on right is a Prayer Rug from the late 16th century, collected within Transylvanian Churches during the Ottoman Empire, from whence Unitarianism emerged. 

Explore spiritual practices, including meditation, gratitude and Sabbath-keeping. Deepen your knowledge of Unitarian Universalist history. Learn about the philosophy of Transcendentalism, and how it shaped Unitarianism. Study the anti-racist movement within Unitarian Universalism. And do all of this from home.

Registration opens today, April 12!

If you are considering a career in the ministry – or just want to explore your faith – you are invited to register for a Starr King online course. Registration is open to all online and runs from Monday April 12 to Friday April 23. Classes begin Sept. 7.

Seminary students, lay people, ministers, social justice activists, and people of all faiths are welcome to sign up. Feel free to forward this announcement to anyone in your congregation or beyond who you think would be interested in Starr King online courses.

Space is limited and many classes fill early, so check out our fall courses today:

Fall 2010 Online Courses

UU Journey Toward Wholeness Instructor:Sean Parker Dennison
In this class we will explore the Journey Toward Wholeness initiative of the UU Association, its successes and failures. How might we inspire our predominantly white, privileged congregations to own the necessity, importance and transformative possibility of anti-racist, anti-oppressive work?

Transcendentalism: Religion and Social Action Instructor: Rudra Dundzila
The course will focus on Transcendentalist thought, experiments, social reform, and social action. The ideas and actions of New England Transcendentalists stretched beyond European thought and dared to speak new truths that many of their contemporaries found both disturbing and revolutionary.

Spiritual Practice for These Times Instructor: Chris Fry
The class will be experiential and multi-religious, drawing on the wisdom and practices of Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Buddhism, as well as science and deep ecology, with a special focus inward on meditation, gratitude and Sabbath-keeping.

Unitarian Universalist History Instructor: Susan Ritchie
Engage in a comprehensive examination of UU history, from the emergence of Unitarianism in Europe through the consolidation of Unitarianism and Universalism in North America.

Introduction to Liberal Religious Education Instructor: Helen Bishop
A broad introduction to the theory and practice of liberal religious education, with an emphasis on Unitarian Universalist congregations and current approaches and innovations in religious education for all ages.

Also check out online classes in Buddhism co-sponsored by the Institute for Buddhist Studies and Starr King School, including: Buddhist Traditions of South AsiaHistory of the Pure Land Tradition: Premodern, and Topics in Buddhist Thought: Women, Family, Dharma .

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