Starr King School Recognized for Excellence

snapshot_bannersnapshot-2008-12-15Students and facutly of Starr King’s Rumi Immersion intensive course,
visiting a sacred site in Istanbul, Turkey, December 2008.

Unitarian Universalist ministers are educated at more than 70 different seminaries, yet Starr King School stands out as the school that produces ministers of the highest quality, according to a recent study by Harvard Divinity School.

In the study, commissioned by the Panel on Theological Education, long-time UU officials were asked for a list of the ministers within the movement whom they would characterize as excellent. Of the nine who were named most often — and later interviewed — seven were graduates of Starr King. The study’s lead researcher, Professor Dudley C. Rose, found that excellent ministers tended to be those with multifaceted qualities, including openness to criticism and making mistakes, willingness to admit what they did not know and comfort in one’s own skin.

The study showed that graduates of Starr King serve more UU congregations for longer tenures than graduates of any other seminary, and that Starr King grads serve more of the largest UU congregations than any other seminary as well.

All this from our small school with modest resources and a deep devotion to excellence in ministerial preparation. Indeed, Starr King is leading the way in theological studies with a new educational model that responds to the challenges and opportunities of our times. The new model builds on our proven track record of excellence by making classes increasingly available through technology, and by deepening our commitment to student-centered, counter-oppressive, multi-religious education.

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