Starr King Grad Treasures Alma Mater

snapshot_bannersnapshot-2009-08-15Rev. Rob Eller-Isaacs

Rev. Rob Eller-Isaacs, 1975 Starr King grad and current president of the Unitarian Universalist Minister’s Association, was this year’s featured speaker at the annual gathering of the Starr King Graduates’ Association at General Assembly.

Using the metaphor of a thread one follows, Rob wove personal narrative and liberal religious history into an affirmation of Starr King’s distinctive educational approach. “From Emerson to Gannett, to Jenkin Lloyd Jones, to the Iowa Sisterhood, from Ballou to Brownson, there is a thread you can follow. The unity of God…the universality of religious experience, the salvation of all souls, (which today at Starr King we know as) counter-oppressive, multi-religious theological education.”

Rob told of a hand-written letter he received from Rev. Chuck Gaines, who called upon Rob in his leadership role to do everything he can to help Starr King to thrive. “Starr King has essential work to do,” wrote Rev. Gaines.

To advance this essential work, join in support of Starr King School for the Ministry, the West Coast Unitarian Universalist seminary since 1904 carrying forth liberal religious values of countering oppressions, cultivating multi-religious life and learning, and creating just and sustainable communities.

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