SKSM Semester Underway Online As Well

snapshot_bannercc_dinner2Cathleen Young (right) with Dorsey Blake, Dean of Faculty, and 2008-2009 adjunct faculty members

Starr King’s spring semester is well underway across the globe as students and faculty work online in eight courses on topics ranging from theologies in children’s literature to the history of Unitarianism in the Ottoman empire. As Starr King re-envisions its educational model —making more accessible and diverse courses a priority — Cathleen Young, Online Education Director, has brought the hallmarks of a Starr King educational experience to our online classrooms.

This year Young and the online adjunct faculty joined fellow adjuncts for the 2008-2009 academic year for Starr King’s curriculum committee dinners. The dinners provided an opportunity for colleagues to explore innovative ways the school’s educational priorities can be brought into various types of classrooms, both in the schoolhouse and beyond. These evenings have elicited lively, creative exchanges that embody the richness and promise of our entire community.

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