SKSM Faculty Leads First Bay-Area Poverty Truth Commission

SKSM Student Wendy Bartel accompanies a photo slide show of anti-poverty campaigns with the saxophone

The first Bay-Area Poverty Truth Commission convened on Thursday, April 10th, 2008, at the Graduate Theological Union. The Commission is a consortium of religious leaders who serve as witnesses and advocates for people who experience profound human-rights violations because of their economic poverty. First-person testimonies were interspersed with music, poetry, photography, and prayer as commissions listened to truth-telling of what it means to be poor in America today.

The event was hosted by the Graduate Theological Union’s Justice Collaborative, which was founded through the work of Rev. Dr. Gabriella Lettini, a core faculty member of Starr King School. The Collaborative decided upon the truth commission model used throughout the U.S. to begin a public discussion on how students and faculty of the Graduate Theological Union can best ally with economic justice campaigns led by the poor.

Among the 14 who testified were two Starr King students. Starr King students, faculty, and board members also were among the 39 commissioners who pledged to form a progressive religious response to poverty in the Bay Area and beyond.

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