SKSM Celebrates Thomas Starr King’s Birthday

tsk_snapshot_bannerdec_tree6Starr King School’s cherry blossom tree, in December

Happy Birthday, Starr King!

December 17th is the 143rd birthday of Thomas Starr King, the namesake of our school. We invite you to make a special gift to Starr King School in honor of his legacy of leadership.

President Abraham Lincoln called Starr King the most influential voice that kept California in the Union during the Civil War. Starr King traveled by stagecoach throughout the state to shape public opinion in favor of a united country. While on the road, he raised over $1 million for medical care for soldiers wounded in the war. Starr King also served the First Unitarian Church of San Francisco with distinction, growing the size of the congregation and the church building while paying off all its debts. And he led the congregation to fight for the dignity and rights of people of color and to help establish California’s public education system.

Starr King’s visionary leadership inspires our students and graduates, who tirelessly advocate for compassion, justice, beauty and joy in the world.

Your generous support of the school is an integral part of this work. Please click here to make a gift in honor of Thomas Starr King to the school that gladly bears his name and his passion to bless the world. (The link takes you to our secure, online giving server.)

To donate stock please call, Federico Pacheco, Donor Relations Director, at (510) 845-6232 #107.