Remember a Gift to Starr King School

snapshot_bannersnapshot-2010-12-15Students in Starr King’s fall course “Liturgy and the Church Year”
taught by Rev. Michelle Favreault.

Many of you who read these monthly Snapshots are the very people who choose to spend your hard-earned dollars advancing greater justice, compassion and peace in our nation and around the world.

At a time when religious fundamentalism appears on the rise, we at Starr King School are devoutly creating a liberal religious renaissance. Help us to advance our mission to educate the next generation of Unitarian Universalist ministers and liberal religious leaders – leaders  who have the courage, skills and strategies necessary to shape inclusive, loving, and free churches and communities across the globe.


Investing in the Starr King Way – student-centered, counter-oppressive, multi-religious theological education – ensures that the religious values of hospitality, hope and wholeness flourish and prevail.


Now that’s a gift worth remembering!


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