Summer/Fall 2009 Online Courses

Dear Starr King Friends, Graduates and Supporters:

Each year Starr King’s on-line courses are in great demand and this year the spaces filled up fast and we had to turn away some eager and interested students.  We need your help to spread the word that pre-registering for the courses is highly advised!

If you are able to pass this information on to others through newsletters or contact lists, please do!  If you can include the information below as an announcement in your church newsletter or Sunday bulletin, I would deeply appreciate it.  If you know of someone interested in gaining a deeper theological education without having to leave their home context, please encourage them to consider taking an on-line course with us.  Now is the time!

Take a Course with Starr King

Starr King’s on-line courses are open to students at non-Unitarian Universalist schools as well as at Starr King and Meadville Lombard.  Lay people, ministers, social justice activists, and people of all faiths are also welcome, and find the courses an exciting way to deepen their theological education. Plan today to register for an online course at

Registration Dates and Course Descriptions

For Starr King Summer On-line 2009: Pre-registration opens May 4 and closes May 8.

Children’s Literature: A Religious Education  Instructor: Keith Kron

For Starr King Fall On-line 2009:  Pre-registration opens April 13, 2009 and closes April 24.

Queers (BGLTQ), Religion and Ministry  Instructor: Vilius Rudra Dundzila

Unitarian Universalist History  Instructor: Susan Ritchie

Organizational Systems Thinking for Religious Leaders  Instructor: Helen Bishop

Contemporary Hinduism  Instructor: Manish Mishra

Islam, Human Rights, and Shariah  Instructor: Ghazala Anwar

Tuition per course: $1,664.   (This fee does not apply to SKSM and GTU degree students.)

Click here for details on course descriptions, and on how to register.

In grace and gratitude,

Rebecca Parker
President and Professor of Theology

P.S. To meet the demand for on-line courses, we are creating more on-line learning opportunities for the coming academic year (fall 2009 and spring 2010).  Our on-line courses assure that students in non-Unitarian Universalist schools have access to important topics from a progressive perspective.  We also are aiming to reach progressive people of faith beyond Unitarian Universalist circles.

We need help with the costs of expanding our on-line offerings and would welcome your contribution.  To donate on-line, click here.

As ever, your comments are welcome. Email me at