Mentoring Future Ministers

snapshot_bannersnapshot-20091215Core Faculty advisor Dr. Ghazala Anwar and 2nd-year student Be Scofield

If we had a bell, it would be ringing joyously to mark the end of this calendar year at Starr King School for the Ministry!

We just finished our fall semester where we welcomed twenty-seven new students, an impressive group of experienced, passionate, and committed seminarians preparing for Unitarian Universalist ministry and for religious leadership in society. There is good energy and spirit in the air for real reasons: enrollment is high, support from friends and donors is holding strong in these tough economic times, and the implementation of our new educational model is entering its second year of success.

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At the heart of our educational approach lies a long-standing Starr King tradition: one-on-one mentoring between our faculty and students. Many graduates of Starr King name the impact of on-going, in-depth conversations with our faculty as essential to their formation as liberal religious leaders. Faculty mentors encourage their Starr King students to reflect honestly on the nature of love, sacrifice, leadership, ambition, ethical decision-making, and effective justice-making; they also cover practical issues such as what classes to take and where to do an internship.

As our student body grows, so does our dedication to strengthening this tradition. We’ve hired part-time faculty to ensure that each student gets the time they need and deserve. We are making mentoring conversations a priority in our weekly teaching schedules. And we are offering faculty and student forums in which insights gleaned from our mutual mentoring dialogues can be shared.

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