Healing Our Hearts – Symposium 2013 Invitation


“Let the beauty we love become the good we do.”

~ Rumi

Rebecca Parker

Dear Starr King Friend,

Love can break our hearts; and love can heal them, too.  I’m writing to invite you to Starr King’s Symposium 2013: Loving Our Earth, August 28-29 in Oakland.   Registration has been extended to Wednesday, August 21.  Our honored teacher is Dr. Joanna Macy.

I first came to know the work of Joanna Macy through her “Despair and Empowerment” workshops.  Joanna taught me to understand that the love that motivates our activism can lead us to places of overwhelming sorrow.   My heart would not be breaking as I face into the enormous losses taking place throughout Earth’s eco-systems had I not first opened my heart to love the beautiful and myriad life forms in this world.   Only by grieving can we open to the deeper energies that can sustain our activism for the long-haul.

Joanna Macy

Joanna Macy

The cure for our heart-break in the face of ecological devastation is buried in the source of our heartbreak, itself:  Love.  When we act from love for the Earth, love flows like a healing balm through us.  We are broken by love and restored by love; and the possibility of Earth’s restoration is intimately intertwined with our own.

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Starr King’s Symposium “Loving Our Earth” will bring us together in love-to ground ourselves in love for life, to face into the ecological threats and losses already occurring, and to garner deeper resources of wisdom, caring and joy for the work we must do to Love the Earth in sustainable and courageous ways.

Program details and registration details information can be found at the Symposium 2013 website.

If you can’t join us in person but would like to support this important work, click here to make a donation.

Yours in the joy and the struggle for life,

Rebecca Parker  President and Professor of Theology