Celebrating our Leaders for Social Change: 2012 MASC Graduates Choose to Bless the World

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Celebrating our Leaders for Social Change: MASC Graduates Choose to Bless the World

One of the most joyful, stimulating and challenging aspects of educating at SKSM is collaborating with students. In the Master of Arts in Social Change (MASC) degree program, students are asked to complete a community internship of their choosing and to prepare a final project that embodies their focus in justice and community making. Every year the SKSM community learns from its students, from the communities they work with and from their community mentors. MASC students strive to engage in community work developing deep relationships of accountability and mutuality, listening to and learning from grassroots leaders, mentors and the people they serve. A deep thank you goes to all MASC mentors.

This year the MASC internships sites included:

Azeem Khan

Azeem Khan

MASC students also impress the school community with the range of topics and the creativity of the final projects they present before graduating. The 2012 graduates are offering the following projects and thesis; all collected in our MASC archives:

  • “Bawa Muhaiyaddeen and the Alif of the Heart” by Azeem Khan
  • “Women, Divorce and Sharia: A One Day Conference” by Rabia Dastmalchi
  • “Occupying Faith: A Radical Unitarian Universalist Seminarian’s Experiences Advocating for Social Justice” A Multimedia Public Presentation by Suzi Spangenberg
  • “Everything is at Risk: Opening Sequence.”A collection of poetry, essays and reflections on life, arts and justice-making by Octavio Carrasco
  • “Coming to the Table of Brotherhood. Descendents of Slave Owners and the Call for Racial Justice: A Personal Tale” by Jasen Kidd
  • “Recommendations & Strategies for LGBT Equity & Inclusion in Health Professions Education”by Shane Snowdon
  • “The Word, the Flesh & the Image.” A multimedia art show by Sandra Estafan

Please join the SKSM community in celebrating the commitment, insight and creativity of these students by spreading the good news about their work.

Some of our MASC students, such as Suzi Spangenberg and Dru Howard, are pursuing a double degree in MASC and M.Div..

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What will you do with your gifts? Formalize your contribution to blessing the world; consider the unique and pioneering MASC program.

MASC is accepting applications now for Spring 2013 admission.

Contact Crystal Weston at recruitment@sksm.edu for more information.

Note: The Association of Theological Schools has just approved the new definition of MASC as Master of Arts in Social Change. The name change will apply to students starting the program in the Fall of 2012.