A House for Hope Hits the Bookshelves

snapshot-2010-05-15Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker and Rev. John Buehrens are co-authors of a new book “A House for Hope: The Promise of Progressive Religion”

Congratulations to SKSM President Rebecca Parker on the publication this month of her new book, A House for Hope: The Promise of Progressive Religion for the Twenty-First Century, which she co-authored with the Rev. John Buehrens.

The book – Dr. Parker’s third in the past eight years – celebrates the role of liberal religion in America’s social progress over the past two centuries. It also affirms that religious progressives can create a 21st century movement far stronger than fundamentalism.

Yet for such a movement to flourish, Revs. Parker and Buehrens say, progressives must rediscover the spiritual sustenance available to them in liberal religious traditions. They intend for A House for Hope to help with that rediscovery.

The book was published May 1 by Beacon Press. Publishers Weekly calls it an “accessible, engaging book (that) may inspire religious progressives to claim their proud history and vital role in contemporary theological conversation.” Booklist Online described it as a “thoughtful meditation on religion, duty, and the common good” and “an alternative to the plethora of recent books on fundamentalism.”

In A House for Hope, Dr. Parker gives some limelight to Starr King School, where she has been president since 1990. She writes: “Every September, on the day after Labor Day, the faculty, staff, and I gather on the front porch of Starr King School for the Ministry and invite the entering class to cross the school’s threshold together.”

A House for Hope is available now through the Beacon Press website and fromAmazon.com (hardcover and Kindle editions).

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