Experiencing Community

Community life is an integral part of study at Starr King. The school welcomes a diverse population, including international students and those who represent a variety of life stages. Some have just completed college, others have reached mid-life with considerable professional experience. Some have raised families while others have small children. Some are single, others partnered.

The school affirms the range of human gender identities and sexual/affectional orientations, and celebrates our growing racial and cultural diversity.

Faith Perspectives

Most students identify themselves as Unitarian Universalists. However, people from a variety of faith perspectives study at Starr King. The range of Unitarian Universalists is broad in itself and includes people with relationships to Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Religious Humanism, atheism, Feminist spiritualities, queer spiritualities, earth-based traditions as well as Native American, African and Asian religions.

Creating Community

All-school meetings are held monthly, providing an opportunity for students, faculty and staff to gather and reflect on a question or topic of common concern.

Chapel service takes place every Tuesday and is led by students, faculty, staff, trustees or invited guests. Starr King also provides a setting for quiet meditation, daily Islamic prayer, yoga practice, Unitarian Universalist Christian fellowship, and UC Berkeley campus ministry gatherings.

The student body meets regularly to conduct business and enjoy community meals and recreation. Partners and children of Starr King students are a welcome part of the school’s education and community life. Partners may take one course per semester at the school free of charge (with the permission of the instructor if it is a limited-enrollment course).

Student Participation in School Governance

Students participate in school governance through service on the board of trustees and membership in a variety of committees that determine yearly curriculum, admissions, financial aid and chapel worship.

Shared decision-making embodies in practice the school’s respect for the expertise and wisdom that students bring to the life of Starr King School.

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