Justice Ministry: A Presentation by Evan Junker

IMG_5148Starr King School for the Ministry’s MASC anniversary celebrations continued with a guest presentation by Evan Junker, Executive Director of the Unitarian Universalist Justice Ministry of California. The UUJMCA is a grassroots-led organization that connects leaders and communities to educate and organize for justice. Mr. Junker shared his organization’s mission, four core issues, and various opportunities for volunteers to connect with the UUJMCA’s action teams.

Economic Justice:
The UUJMCA networks across the state and country to address wage inequality, housing and homelessness, and systemic oppression. Key policy components of this action team include SB 876, (AKA the “Right to Rest” bill) which would reduce the criminalization of homelessness, and AB 2502, which would protect local affordable housing programs. To learn more about the Economic Justice Action Team, click here or email boblane01@aol.com.

tweet 3Environmental Justice:
The UUJMCA’s Environment Justice Action Team works for climate justice and regulation of the oil and gas industry. It has partnered with congregations and UUs to advocate for safe, clean, affordable water sufficient to meet daily needs. Despite significant corporate opposition, their coalition helped pass the Human Right to Water Act and is currently working on implementing it. To learn more about the Environmental Justice Action Team, click here or email evan@uujmca.org.

Equity Justice:
The Equity Ministry Action team works with the intersection of issues of race, class and culture. It seeks to nurture connections with diverse populations, create opportunities for learning and cultural competency, engage in meaningful social action and cultivate spiritual development. Key policy components include AB2590, which redefines the purpose of incarceration from punishment to public safety with emphasis on rehabilitation and reentry. To learn more about the Equity Justice Action Team, click here or email adam@uujmca.org.

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Immigrant Justice:
The Immigrant Justice Action Team mobilizes UUs to engage their elected officials on important legislation, supports immigrants in sanctuary and participates in public witness on issues related to immigrant justice. Volunteers are welcome to participate in Immigrant Day and experiential learning trips to Tijuana, Mexico, among other opportunities. To learn more about the Immigrant Justice Action Team, click here or email meslinjan@gmail.com

To watch Evan Junker’s presentation in its entirety, click here. (skip to 18:25)