June 15, 2023

Announcing Our New Certificate Program

Starr King School for the Ministry is thrilled to announce the creation of a brand-new program: The Certificate in Entheogen Ministry launching in February 2024.

The adjective “entheos” translates to English as “full of the god, inspired, possessed.” The Greeks used it as praise for poets and other artists. “Genesthai” means “to come into being.” Thus, an entheogen is a substance that causes one to become inspired or to experience feelings of inspiration, often in a religious or spiritual manner.

As the field of psychedelics grows, the moral and ethical concerns at the core of religious and spiritual ministry are not being addressed. Spiritual bypassing and a history of colonization have hampered the ways in which practitioners and thought leaders in the psychedelic renaissance imagine this work and its potential.

Starr King’s commitment to educating to counter oppression provides a framework with which to explore the world of psychedelics, entheogens, and plant medicine. A framework that acknowledges both the traditional holders of this sacred knowledge and the current oppressive reality of the war on drugs and its disproportionate onus on people of color and the poor.

This online, 14-credit certification program is for those who already have a graduate degree, as well as current Starr King students. It includes a mix of coursework, fieldwork, supervision, and lectures. The prerequisite for admission is the Educating to Counter Oppressions (ECO) Core course at Starr King.

Visit www.sksm.edu/entheogen to learn more and stay up to date on enrollment opportunities.

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