Certificate Programs

Starr King offers four graduate-level certificate programs:

The Certificate in Unitarian Universalist Studies, directed by Rev. Dr. Meg Richardson, Assistant Professor of Unitarian Universalist History, is ideal for seminarians attending non-UU identity schools, enabling them to study the full complement of Unitarian Universalist topics relevant to ministry and religious leadership and expected by the Ministerial Fellowship Committee.

The Certificate in Multi-Religious Studies, directed by Dr. Som Pourfarzaneh, Associate Professor of Islamic and Digital Media Studies, engages students in exploring the intersections and interactions among the world’s diverse religious traditions.

The Certificate in Chaplaincy Studies, directed by Rev. Dr. Pamela Hancock, Assistant Professor of Spiritual Practice & Care for the Soul, enables you to study the full complement of Chaplaincy topics to help you understand the types of Chaplaincy positions available today, go through a formation process at your own pace, and become prepared to minister to the world.

The Certificate in Entheogen Ministry, directed by Professor Ayize Jama-Everett, launches in February 2024 and provides a space for people of faith to train in the use of psychedelics and help propagate conversation about these altered states of consciousness in a religious context.

UU Studies and Multi-Religious Studies certificates can be earned through any combination of six 3-unit courses (18 units), including online, short intensive, and immersion courses. Students can choose the approach that best suits their goals and circumstances.

Chaplaincy certificates can be earned through a set of six formation stages (1.5 units each) and three courses in the Spiritual Practice & Care of the Soul Threshold (3 units each) taken 100% online. The successful completion of one unit of CPE (no SKSM fees/units for this work) is also required for this certificate program. This is done through an Accredited CPE Center during or after your coursework. See list of accredited centers here. If you have already completed one unit of CPE recently, you may present your evaluation to the Director for consideration to fulfill the requirement. There is also one prerequisite to enter the Certificate Program: SKSM’s ECO Core (Educating to Create Just and Sustainable Communities that Counter Oppressions).

The Certificate in Entheogen Ministry is a 14-credit program to be completed within one year. The prerequisite for admission is the Educating to Counter Oppressions (ECO) Core course at Starr King, which is available to take in both the Fall and Spring semesters. Enrollment information is coming soon.

Certificate students will study with Starr King’s exceptional faculty, distinguished for their scholarly expertise, their wisdom, and experience in ministry and religious leadership, their creative use of progressive educational approaches, and their passion for education that counters oppressions, promote just and sustainable community, and liberates each person’s gifts and capacities.


To enroll in the Certificate in UU Studies or Certificate in Multi-Religious Studies program, submit your Certificate Program Enrollment form. The program director will review your submission and send it to the Student Services Office for filing.

To enroll in the Certificate in Chaplaincy Studies, please submit the Chaplaincy Certificate Enrollment form. A nonrefundable $25 enrollment fee is required.

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Interested students may take a class as a Special Student (see How to Register for a Starr King Course). Certificate students pay tuition (see Tuition and Fees) on a course-by-course basis. Note that we are in the process of making our certificate programs eligible for federal financial aid, as SKSM certificates are not currently eligible for federal financial aid. Starr King MDiv and MASC students may pursue UU Studies and Multi-Religious Studies certificates as part of their degree program. Starr King MDiv and MASC students interested in Chaplaincy may add on the Chaplaincy Concentration.

With these certificate programs, Starr King aspires to open the doors of progressive/UU theological education to more students. We do so in devotion to our mission to educate people for Unitarian Universalist ministry and for progressive religious leadership in society grounded in the values of countering oppressions, creating just and sustainable community, and cultivating multi-religious life and learning.