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I Am Starr King: Interview with Derrick Mustelier

Derrick Mustelier 1st Year, M.Div. Student What inspired you to become a religious leader? For a long time, I was… I don’t want to say lost, because that sounds cliché. But throughout my undergraduate years, I bounced around between all of these different things that I wanted to do. I had trouble with the idea… Read More


I Am Starr King: Interview with Abbey Tennis

Abbey Tennis Interim Advancement Director Graduate of Starr King, Class of 2014 What inspired you to become a religious leader? A few things … above anything else, I simply feel called to religious leadership. That inspiration is outside the realm of logic, outside of any “pro/con” list about what career to choose… but when the… Read More

Rev. Rosemary Bray McNatt

Repent and Believe in the Gospel of Love

Dear Ones— Wednesday was a busy day, with lots to do—preparation for two big meetings and a retreat, little personal errands I couldn’t seem to get done. My head was full, and yet I felt a restlessness, as though I had forgotten something, as though I should have been somewhere but hadn’t yet arrived. I… Read More


I Am Starr King: Interview with Amanda Weatherspoon

Amanda Weatherspoon 2nd Year, M.Div. Student What inspired you to become a religious leader? I was doing social work for about 10 or so years. Then around when I started doing social work professionally after college, I also started attending the local UU congregation. And the values just aligned so well with my values around… Read More


Taking My Leave — Message From Helio Fred Garcia

Dear members of our beloved Starr King community, By now you will have heard of the Board’s actions and recommendations in response to the report of the Ad Hoc Committee. I believe this allows the board, the school, and the broader community to begin a new chapter of healing, renewal, and recommitment. As some of… Read More

Closing A Sad Chapter

Dear Members of the Starr King Community, As your Board of Trustees, we hold the Starr King School for the Ministry in trust on behalf of each of you – current students, faculty, staff, donors, and alumni of the School. We write now to you, those on whose behalf we serve. While we are aware… Read More

Shay MacKay

I Am Starr King: An Interview with Shay MacKay

Shay MacKay 3rd Year, M.Div. Student What inspired you to become a religious leader? Right after college, I joined an organization called the Jesuit Volunteer Corps… because I didn’t want to go to graduate school (laugh). They sent me to Washington to work in a homeless shelter and from the moment I walked into the… Read More


I Am Starr King: An Interview with Jessica Clay

Jessica Clay 3rd Year, M.Div. Student What inspired you to become a religious leader? I found Unitarian Universalism when I turned 30, and I felt like something was missing in my life. I took an online quiz, “What religion are you?” And it said: ‘Unitarian Universalist.’ I had never heard of that before. So I… Read More

Rev. Rosemary Bray McNatt

This Opportune, Sacred Moment

Dear Ones— One of the privileges that come with leading Starr King is the chance to make common cause for justice with other African-American religious leaders.  One such opportunity arose this past week when I attended the annual gathering of African American Presidents and Deans of Theological Schools in Raleigh, NC, sponsored by the Association… Read More