Symposium 2016 Registration: SKSM Degree Students

Current SKSM Degree students (if you want course credit) are asked to Register on this site for the Symposium AND also Enroll on Web Advisor to receive course credit. If you already enrolled on Colleague during Fall Early Registration, please also register through this website as we still need the rest of your information on housing, dietary needs, etc. Thank you!

Entering SKSM Degree Students are asked to Register on this site  for the Symposium and also Enroll for the course through the SKSM website as a “Special Student” (see Certificate & Special Student tab on this site), as they have not yet matriculated as students.

Course Credit
Symposium 2016 
Dr. Gabriella Lettini
Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Starr King’s fifth annual Symposium will be held on Tuesday, August 30, 2016. This urban retreat is an annual gathering of our entire student body, faculty, staff and trustees for learning, ritual, celebration, food, music, community-building and service. This 2016 Symposium is led by Dean Dr. Gabriella Lettini in collaboration with other SKSM faculty and community leaders. Starr King students are required to Enroll. This is a required course for all SKSM students. Please do all Recommended Reading prior to Symposium. Please click the link below for SKSM Degree Students to Register for the Symposium.

Register as a: SKSM Degree Student

1.5 units of credit will be given to students who are currently enrolled in a degree program. In order to obtain credit, students must read all required readings before the Symposium, SIGN the attendance roster for each event, and be active in large and small group discussions. In addition, students are asked to work at least ONE work shift before or during the Symposium. Making certain that you are signed in is the student’s responsibility.

Please select your need by either of these two options: (1) If financial assistance is needed please complete the Personal Growth and Learning Request ( and return the completed request to Charles Peoples, III at; (2) If you need housing please complete the following Survey Link and our Home Hospitality Representatives will contact you directly.

* Everyone is required to complete the Registration Form so we can prepare for your presence and address any special needs. Students please remember to ENROLL for the Symposium as a course on the SKSM website NOW to obtain course credit (Summer Enrollment is OPEN).