Symposium 2016: “Our Songs Know Who We Are”

An Urban Retreat – Open to All

Join us for a day of learning, music, dialogue, ritual celebrations, food, art, music, service, and community-building celebrating the Spirit of Life. Our Symposium connects Starr King’s students, faculty, staff, trustees, graduates, and communities as we cultivate multi-religious, counter-oppressive, just and sustainable communities. Symposium 2016 is convened by Dean Dr. Gabriella Lettini in collaboration with other Starr King faculty and community leaders. Starr King students are required to enroll for the Symposium as a course (using the regular registration process, registration is open for Summer courses) and also register for the Symposium through this website.  Graduates are warmly invited to participate as there are several public events in connection with Symposium that are open to everyone.

Our Honored Teacher: Dr. Ysaye M. Barnwell

Ysaye M. Barnwell, Ph.D. MSPH, is a commissioned composer, arranger, author, actress and former member of the African American female a cappella ensemble Sweet Honey In The Rock. She is a vocalist with a range of over three octaves and appears on more than twenty-five recordings with Sweet Honey as well as other artists. Trained as a violinist for 15 years beginning at the age of 2 1/2, she holds degrees in speech pathology (BS, MSEd), cranio-facial studies (Ph.D.) and public health (MSPH). She was a professor at Howard University College of Dentistry for over a decade, and over the following 8 years developed training programs in Child Protection at Children’s Hospital National Medical Center, and administered community-based health programs at Gallaudet University, all in Washington DC. For almost thirty years, and on three continents, Barnwell has led the workshop Building a Vocal Community – Singing In the African American Tradition, which utilizes oral tradition, an African world view and African American history, values, cultural and vocal traditions to build communities of song among singers and non-singers alike. Her pedagogy is highly respected among musicians, educators, health workers, activists, organizers, and members of the corporate and non-profit sectors. For a full bio, click here.

In the last year alone, Dr. Barnwell gave a TED Talk, appeared in a UU World article, and was selected by President Obama to serve on the National Council of the Arts!

Here is a brief summary of her presentation:

Songs are like single celled organisms. In each culture, songs hold the nucleus of how life began. They know from where we have journeyed. They know who and what we have encountered.  Our songs know in what we have believed; in whom and in what we have put our trust and faith; with whom we have been at war and at peace; how we have evolved and have been transformed as individuals and as communities. Our songs know how we have survived.  Our songs know who we are – ‘lest we forget’.  How we acknowledge and utilize this body of knowledge depends on our world view.  I will try to explore these concepts from an Afrocentric World View.”

~ Dr. Ysaye M. Barnwell

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Thank you for your support. We look forward to seeing you at our 5th annual Symposium!

ATTENTION: While scents have a long history in culture and rituals around the world, we also know that, today, some people experience environmental sensitivities which impede them from being in the presence of scents. Please be mindful of others as it relates to these sensitivities and the amount of scent you are choosing to use.

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