February 20, 2021

Spirit Speaks from the Meditation Cottage

By Pastor Jacqueline Duhart, Director of Spiritual Care

“Oh, Come On, Give Us Mercy”

Snow, icy roads, power outages, in San Antonio, Texas. Really? To add to the misery, grocery stores were closed, long lines at fast food joints, food banks were overwhelmed, and hotels were full and charging oppressive prices. What is going on? Why am I telling you this?

My Father, 85 years young, retired Vietnam Army veteran lives in San Antonio. For 4 days, my ornery and honorable Father was home alone without electricity and heat. He found comfort in an Army blanket and a very old Army jacket that he keeps in an Army camouflage foot locker.

Because of the power outage, his Beloved was hospitalized to receive her 3 times a week dialysis. My eldest brother who is a faithful supporter to our Father was in the hospital being treated for COVID that he contracted at his weekly poker game. So, from afar, I did what many of us have been doing for almost a year; I launch into problem solving mode to address the urgent needs of a love one. With fierce help from my trusted sidekick of 30+ years, we powered up.

One of my Partner’s super girl powers is using the internet to find the impossible. Well just like I knew he would, he found a hotel for my Father in the neighborhood not far from his home. My Niece, who is very angry with me for giving her unsolicited advice over a year ago, rescued her Grandfather from his ice box of a home and delivered him to La Quinta Inn. For now, my Father is warm and feels secure in a neighborhood that he is familiar with. His Beloved was released from the hospital and they are reunited and can once again commiserate together. One of their favorite past times.

As my Partner navigated the internet and his cell phone in speaker mode, I prayed. Praying is one of my superpowers. Wherever you are amid our current storms I offer you a prayer and send it out into our shared world on the vibrations of my singing bowl.

“Give Us Mercy”

Mother nature we see you.

We feel your power.

We are sorry for how we have created a climate crisis that impacts us all.

We know that the cost of this crisis falls like an avalanche of smothering wet snow on some. May they know mercy and kindness.

In fretful moments like these we give thanks for the holy grail cell phone and the pricey altar of internet services.

We give thanks for trusted companions, friends and community ties that power us up, as our bellies threatening to reveal the anxiety and fear that churns within.

We light candles, send heart shape emoji faces, linger by our phones daring it to chime, as we once again vow to repair relationships that are fragile, in desperate need of oxygen.

COVID, stretches of life snatching weather storms, and all the usual evil suspects that persist, we see and feel your power. We are weary.

May we come together to do our collective spiritual work.

May we harvest our courage and name the sufferings that we have caused.

May we look evil squarely in the face and say goodbye, we cast you out.

We pray for mercy and the righteous energy to begin again in genuine love.

Ashay, Amin, Shalom and Blessed Be!

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