February 2, 2017

#SKSMshowsup for the Women’s March

On the weekend of the Women’s March on Washington (Jan. 21, 2017), dozens of Starr King community members joined marches in cities across the nation, including Washington DC, Oakland, San Francisco, Madison, Chicago, Los Angeles, Montpelier, Eugene, and Portland.

Rev. Rob Hardies, SKSM graduate, addresses organizers in Washington DC.Starr King graduate and Senior Minister of All Souls Church in Washington DC,

In the heart of DC, Starr King graduate and Senior Minister of All Souls Church, Rev. Rob Hardies helped provide a safe space for grassroots organizers to connect and gain a deeper understanding of the challenges we face. Among those making the trip to All Souls were Starr King President Rosemary Bray McNatt, former Ohio State Senator Nina Turner, and MSNBC host/Presidential Chair at Wake Forest University Melissa Harris-Perry.

As inspiring as it was to witness a movement of such magnitude, we also recognize the need for sustained action. We offer the following resources for those of us looking to make an immediate impact. In the meantime, we will continue doing what we do best: educating people for revolutionary religious leadership in society.

  • Jennifer Hofmann’s Weekly Action Checklist – “For Democrats, Independents, and Republicans of Conscience”
  • The Indivisible Guide – “Former congressional staffers reveal best practices for making Congress listen”
  • The Injustice Boycott – “Organized resistance, driven by local people and activists, supported by passionate believers all over the country and around the world”

Take courage, beloveds, and know we are holding you in our prayers during these extraordinary times.


Jessica Clay, class of 2016, in Washington DC

Andy Chirch, current student, in Eugene, OR

Jennifer Cassady, current student

Kaliqa Baqi & Lisa Rueth, current students

Megan Dowdell, SKSM faculty, in Los Angeles

SKSM President Rosemary Bray McNatt with Rabbi Julia Watts Belzer, class of 2003, in Washington DC



Sharyn White, current student

Rev. Tet Gallardo, current student (Balazs Scholar), in Chicago

Pat Malarkey, class of 2015, with “UU sisters, brothers and all family”

Karyn Marsh, current student, alongside her sister in Washington DC

Terra Collier-Young, current student, with UUFellowship friends Jan and Ann

Rev. Mitra Rahnema, class of 2007, with SKSM President Rosemary Bray McNatt

All Souls Church in Washington, DC

Julie Bond, current student, in Montpelier, Vermont

Andy Karlson, class of 2010, in Madison, WI

SKSM President Rosemary Bray McNatt alongside former Ohio State Senator Nina Turner, who addressed the All Souls gathering during the closing session on Saturday night

Lifelong UU/MSNBC Host/Presidential Chair at Wakeforest University Melissa Harris-Perry with SKSM President Rosemary Bray McNatt in Washington DC



D Wu, current student, in Portland, OR

Rev. Enid Virago, class of 1994, in Washington DC

Rev. Julia McKay, class of 2008, with SKSM President Rosemary Bray McNatt

Current students Kip Wanamaker, Ariel Aaronson-Eaves, Anthony Graffagnino, Dragon Little, Raphael Mills Warner, and Nancy Reid-McKee join PSR students Lauren Renee Hotchkiss and Tom Emanuel after the celebration of a Requiem Mass in Oakland, CA.

Current students Edie Klyce, and Mira Mickiewicz join PSR student Tom Emanuel in carrying a casket symbolizing the death of the American Dream through the streets of Oakland, CA.

Current students Kip Wanamaker, Anthony Graffagnino, and Ariel Aaronson-Eaves, with several community members, help bring the casket of the American Dream into Mass.

Current students Dragon Little and Mira Mickiewicz with community members after a Requiem Mass in Oakland, CA.


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