January 3, 2017

SKSM Student Dianne Daniels Elected Branch President of NAACP’s Norwich Chapter

Dianne Daniels [Photo Credit: Dana Jensen]

Dianne Daniels [Photo Credit: Dana Jensen]

Congratulations to Dianne Daniels, current Masters of Divinity student at Starr King, on being elected to branch president of the NAACP’s Norwich chapter!

“People like Daniels are doing the heavy lifting in a multitude of ways. Being the public face of such a historic organization like the NAACP comes with its own set of challenges and obstacles regardless of religious path, and the gift to both communities will last far beyond Daniel’s two-year appointment.

We know that representation matters even if it is something that is often disregarded in mainstream over-culture. Pagan representation matters within publicly-based national civil rights organizations, and African-American representation matters within the largely Eurocentric modern Pagan community. Daniels has embraced the role of balancing these two world in a very public way.”

Read full interview by Crystal Blanton of WildHunt.org, here.

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