May 20, 2014

SKSM and Chaplaincy Institute Announce Joint Program

Seven years ago, conversations between Starr King School for the Ministry and The Chaplaincy Institute began about the possibility of an affiliation between the two schools. On Tuesday May 20, 2014, a formal agreement was signed at Starr King by leaders of both institutions.

Visit the program page for Chaplaincy Institute Joint Program for full details.

The purpose of the affiliation is to integrate Starr King’s accredited Master’s Degree (Masters of Divinity or Masters of Arts in Social Change) program and the Chaplaincy Institutes’ Certificate of Interfaith Studies, thereby providing a pathway for students to meet both the educational and ecclesiastical requirements for certification as a professional chaplain.

Read the announcements from SKSM and ChI:

Starr King School for the Ministry and the Chaplaincy Institute Announce an Affiliation Agreement from SKSM’s Provost, Ibrahim Farajajé.

The Chaplaincy Institute and Starr King School for the Ministry Joint Program for Interfaith Chaplaincy from ChI’s Executive Director, Vicki Weiland. Includes program details such as admission and enrollment.

Further Details on the Joint Program from Chaplaincy Institute

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