Communications at Starr King

There are several ways to receive updates about what is happening at Starr King. The Starr King website is the primary host of information about programs, events, newsletters, school policies, history, etc. Please spend some time getting to know our website:

For Newsletters and Messages from Starr King, please subscribe to our e-mailing list, on the Starr King website, or our official Facebook page (

Starr King This Week is the weekly e-newsletter of the Starr King Community. Its primary purpose is to convey upcoming events, notices, and opportunities of interest to the SKSM community. However, some exceptions are made for GTU and larger community events. Submissions for SKTW must be emailed to

  • All submissions are subject to edit.
  • Because SKTW is distributed via email, we try to keep it relatively short. Notices should be concise and include date, time, and who to contact (name, phone and/or email address) for more information. We do not publish articles, humor, or opinion pieces.
  • Since space is at a premium, priority of submissions is as follows:
    1. SKSM events/notices
    2. Activities/notices involving SKSM people
    3. GTU events/notices
    4. UU related activities
    5. Non-UU or GTU/SKSM events of interest to the community.
  • Personal information (e.g. updates on a person’s status following surgery) will only be published with the permission of the person involved
  • While job and housing information is printed in SKTW, the information presented is minimal. Complete descriptions can be found in the Jobs/Housing binder kept in the book shelf across from the receptionist desk.

Starr King on Facebook


For official updates from Starr King on Twitter, follow us @StarrKingGTU. Below is a list of hashtags we encourage you to use when posting about Starr King.

  • #SKSM
  • #SKSMShowsUp (for events and justice activities)
  • #belovedcommunity
  • #UU
  • #Multi-religious
  • #religiousleadership
  • #the@ology
  • #theology
  • #faith
  • #justice


Follow us @StarrKingGTU for photos, casual updates, challenges, and other fun!

Starr King Online Ambassadors

Sign up at to join the Starr King Online Ambassadors. It’s our program designed for those who love the school and want to help us achieve its mission in the world. We’ll send you exclusive updates, challenges, and information you get to see first.

Student Presence on Social Media

Starr King School for the Ministry advises students who post on social media sites to carefully consider what they choose to have associated with their online presence. Having a seemingly “anonymous” online presence does not necessarily make you or what you post “anonymous.” Posting items online or on social media sites that you do not intend to be attributable to you and/or accessible to the public could become problematic. This could be particularly limiting for you in the future when seeking employment or applying to graduate school. More and more employers and institutions look at all available information about applicants when making hiring and admission decisions. Furthermore, information and comments that are posted online may be a violation of Starr King’s policies against sexual misconduct, harassment and/or bullying, and can be adjudicated within Starr King’s student conduct system.


SKSM Bulletin Boards

SKSM balances being a green environment with accessibility. We encourage electronic communications where they are readily accessible to the intended audience. Please use Starr King This Week, Starr King’s Facebook pages and the bulletin board by the student mailboxes for advertising events. Please do not post notices on doors, walls, or windows.

  1. The bulletin board to the left of kitchen door is reserved for pictures of Starr King students. It is attended by Communications.
  2. The bulletin board across from the kitchen is reserved for official SKSM communications and minutes of meetings. It is attended by the President’s Office.
  3. The bulletin board by the upstairs Transgender restrooms is reserved for student services announcements, registration announcements, and financial aid announcements. It is attended by the Office of the Registrar.
  4. The bulletin board to the left as you face the garden door is reserved for Community Announcements and news of Starr King folks. It is attended by Communications.
  5. The bulletin board next to the student mailboxes is for manual notification of GTU and non GTU events.
  6. The bulletin board outside Professor Lettini’s office is reserved for information and announcements related to the MASC and Women’s Studies in Religion programs. It is attended by Professor Lettini.


Resource Manuals

  • Housing and employment notices, spiritual direction and counseling information, course syllabi and CPE notifications are located in the bookshelf across from the front desk.
  • MFC reading materials and UUA Resources can be found in the Reading Room.


Questions About Starr King School Communications

For any questions or concerns about communications from Starr King, please email


The GTU E-List

The GTU-List is an electronic listserv for students, faculty, staff and alumni of the GTU, to help share resources and information. Often found on the list are conference announcements and calls for papers, upcoming events, services for students, announcements of other bulletin boards of interest, and casual conversation between GTU members. To subscribe to the list, go to To post messages to the list, send an email to: