Student File

The student file includes the student’s transcript, written evaluations, records, application for admission, and any other correspondence or written materials relevant to the program of study. Students may add samples of their work in preparation for the mid-degree portfolio conference. Students should review their file from time to time, especially to read the class evaluations.

(Please note that letters of recommendation from the admission’s application are removed prior to a file being created.)

Students wishing to review their file should see the Registrar. The file is signed out in compliance with the requirements of federal law. The file is kept in the office of the Registrar.  Some Financial Aid records are kept in the office of the GTU Financial Aid Officer. At SKSM, a student’s file is open to the student, to the core and advising faculty, to the Registrar, the Student Accounts Manager, the President, and to the GTU Financial Aid Officer. At times, a student’s file is also used for statistical analysis by a designee of the Dean of Students. Students who receive aid from the Veterans Administration are audited annually. No one else is permitted access to files without the student’s written consent. All people excepting the Registrar sign out files.

Students with questions or concerns about the content of their file should raise them with the Dean of Students, or with the Registrar. Questions about their program of study should be discussed with their advisor or another member of the faculty. Questions or concerns about written evaluations of their work should be raised directly with the writer of the evaluation.

The law protects the student’s right to challenge the content of their file. If students have concerns that are not resolved by talking directly with one’s advisor and the Dean, they should follow the Academic Dispute Policy. If matters are not resolved to their satisfaction in this way, the law provides that they may make a written addendum to their file and further provides that complains may be filed with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Office, Department of Education, Room 4074, Switzer Building, Washington DC 20202.

The School discloses information from a student’s file only at their written request – this includes requests for Transcripts. Students may copy any part of their file.

The School will not disclose confidential information from a student’s file to others without their permission. The law regards some information in a student’s file as public and gives the school the freedom to disclose this information at our discretion. This public information includes the following: student name, address, phone number, date of birth, area of study, year in school, dates of attendance, degree program, religious affiliation, scholarships and honors, most recent previous degree and school, country or citizenship, and school of affiliation. Upon a student’s written notification, the School will withhold this public information. The request must be filed annually.