Probation and Dismissal from the Program

Academic Probation

  • The faculty may vote to place a student on academic probation if the student earns less than the minimum number of units of credit in a semester.
  • The faculty may vote to place a student on academic probation if the student has been proven to have committed plagiarism or has seriously breeched SKSM ethical standards and practices in other ways.
  • A student may also be recommended to the faculty for academic probation by the advisor if the advisor feels that the student is not successfully attending to personal and spiritual transformation. A student may be terminated from the program, by vote of the faculty if on academic probation for two (2) semester

Dismissal from the Program

If a student has not registered by the third week of the semester, the faculty will decide whether to drop the student from the program. The student will be notified in writing that a vote is scheduled at least one week prior to the faculty meeting. The faculty will take into consideration all correspondence from the student concerning personal circumstances. If a student is dropped from the program, s/he will be notified in writing. The Veteran’s Administration will be advised within 30 days of the date of dismissal, which will be the date the issue was voted upon by the core faculty. When a student is dismissed, veteran’s benefits will be discontinued and any further certification of benefits terminated.

The GTU Financial Aid Office will perform a Title IV Return of Funds Calculation and have students with federal loans undergo a Loan Exit interview.