May 23, 2019

RECAP: Multi-Religious Baccalaureate & Commencement

On Wednesday, May 15, the 2019 Multi-Religious Baccalaureate ceremony was held at SKSM. Graduates enjoyed dinner together, returned their keys to the school, and walked back across the threshold they entered on their first day. Although it was raining, we were able to improvise with the threshold to the Fireside Room.

Sweet love
Do not play it small
The world depends on your greatness
May you be blessed as you go forward

The 112th Commencement ceremony was held on Thursday, May 16, 2019 at First Unitarian Church of Oakland. The service featured musical accompaniment by Andrew Jamieson and Clovice Lewis, various hymns, as well as an anthem (“We Are Here” by Alicia Keys) arranged by MASC graduate Jo Mosher with ensemble.

Graduates and their friends and families heard words of welcome, wisdom, and encouragement from Rev. Dr. Sheri Prud’homme (SKSM Assistant Professor of Religion and Education & First Unitarian Church of Oakland Associate Minister for Faith Development), Rev. Dr. Gabriella Lettini (SKSM Dean of Faculty and Chief Academic Officer, Aurelia Henry Reinhardt Professor of Theological Ethics), Rev. Rosemary Bray McNatt (SKSM President), Rabbi Daniel Lehmann (GTU President), and Rev. Lauren Van Ham (Chaplaincy Institute Seminary Dean).

Dr. Theodore J. Fetter (SKSM Board Chair) and President Rosemary Bray McNatt conferred an honorary Sacrae Theologiae Doctorate degree to Robin DiAngelo and we honored our 2018-2019 Balazs Scholar, Rev. Lehel Molnar.

Congratulations to our 2019 graduates!

Certificate in Religion in Public Life:
John Ashby

Master of Arts in Social Change:
Faryn Lynn Borella
Jo Mosher
Michelle Rockwell
Jennifer Duncan Stone

Master of Divinity:
John Ashby
Isabel Louise Call
Andrew William Chirch
Rev. Theresa “Rivka” Gevurtz
Susan Marie Gimpel
Anthony Graffagnino
Everett Howe
Edie Klyce
Rev. Joshua Lichterman, Ph.D.
Maya Andrea York Grillo Massar
Derrick Mustelier
Allan Viges
Barrington Lloyd Walker, Jr.

Enjoy the photos from both events below, and stay tuned for a Commencement highlight video!

Multi-Religious Baccalaureate:


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