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Supporting Balázs Scholars

The Balázs Scholars Program is funded by donations from individuals, a $5,000 a year grant from the UU Partner Church Council, donations and Sunday service collections from churches, and honoraria where the Scholar preaches. It costs about $45,000 a year to support the Balázs Scholar and family.

For more information on the Balázs Scholars Program see Balázs Scholars History and Balázs Scholars Biographies or contact Arliss Ungar at

Your financial help is needed to sustain this important program. You can donate securely online or by check. Click the button below and after filling in the first page of the donation form, please select the Balázs fund.

A tangible connection to our Unitarian Heritage; A hope for its future

The History and Modernization of the Unitarians in Transylvania
a video documentary by Dakotta J.K. Alex,
edited by: Zoltán Varró-Bodoczi

Learn how Balázs Scholars are reshaping Unitariansim in Transylvania in the video documentary above produced by Dakotta J.K. Alex, M.Div. student at Starr King. Dakotta is the third SKSM student to participate in the Transylvanian Immersion. He interviewed past Balázs Scholars and directed and produced this documentary during his travels in Transylvania.