August 30, 2022

Launch of New Graduate Certificate Program in Chaplaincy Studies

Starr King School for the Ministry is excited to announce the launch of our new graduate-level Certificate in Chaplaincy Studies!

At Starr King, we are dedicated to preparing our students to become progressive religious leaders capable of meeting the challenges of the day and equipped to counter oppressions wherever they are found. As we reflected on these extraordinary times, we recognized that the need to create sacred social change has never been greater and the opportunities for people to engage in this work are also greater than ever before. Therefore, in the coming years, we plan to launch several new certificate programs designed to help people from a multitude of backgrounds and faith traditions learn how to engage in the work of creating sacred social change. Our new Certificate in Chaplaincy Studies is just the first of these new programs.

The Certificate in Chaplaincy Studies is designed to help students understand the types of Chaplaincy positions available today, go through a formation process at their own pace, and become prepared to minister to the world. Directed by Rev. Dr. Pamela D. Hancock, this 18-unit graduate-level certificate program can be completed through a set of six chaplaincy formation stages (1.5 units each) and three courses in the Spiritual Practice & Care of the Soul Threshold (3 units each) – all taken entirely online. This certificate program also requires the successful completion of one unit of CPE through an Accredited CPE Center during or after your coursework.

The Certificate in Chaplaincy Studies is perfect for those who already have an MDiv (or other type of theological master’s degree) and wish to bolster their education to serve the world as a Chaplain.

Click here to learn more about this program and to apply.

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