May 12, 2023

Indigenous Knowledge & Queering Epistemology Practices

Author: Lauren Martinez

From discussion and readings from a Queer Liberation Theology class in Spring 2023 at Starr King School for the Ministry in Oakland, CA and Indigenous books on how we can reshape our world, this is a framework presented in an experiential workshop agenda that involves ways to personally, culturally, communally, and organizationally address and counter the oppressive dominant culture from a more queer theological framework and perspective.

It’s a workshop in an attempt to focus on queering in action rather than the static naming of identifying what is and isn’t queer/non-normative. It’s an exploration of how to start a conversation in the inclusion of people both a part of the queer community and not. It names who can be accomplices, and co-conspirators in the dismantling of oppression and also still holds deep respect for the utilization of identity and affinity with a useful and powerful tool for exploration. It’s a both/and formula of queering as an action to counter oppression/dominant culture practices.

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Category: Presentation
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