Estate Planning

Today’s Kindness is Tomorrow’s Blessing

Make a decision today to create a better tomorrow. Be sure you have an estate plan in place.

What comes to mind when you hear the term “estate planning?”

If you’re like many people, you know it has something to do with having a will. You’d also be correct if you said it involves making certain other types of arrangements affecting what happens once your life has ended.

A good estate plan goes further and addresses many aspects of your current situation, as well as how to thrive in the years to come. Estate planning is simply caring for yourself and your assets while you are living, and providing for the transfer of assets to other persons and entities – both during your life and afterwards.

Why do estate planning?

Very few people wake up in the morning and wish they could spend the day working with their attorney to create an ‘estate plan.’ However creating (or updating) a plan is among the most important things you can do. When you do, you can:

  • ensure the property you have accumulated over your lifetime goes exactly where you want it to go and when.
  • give directions to be followed in case you become incapacitated and can’t make decisions for yourself
  • organize your affairs and designate who will handle them when you are gone
  • appoint a guardian for any minor children
  • provide for any special needs your loved ones may have
  • minimize possible estate taxes and costs
  • specify the type of funeral arrangements you would like
  • remember and provide for friends, pets, and organizations you care about but are never a part of the default state distribution scheme

By planning, you also make things easier for your family. If something happens to you, it will be a very difficult time for your family members and other loved ones. How wonderful it would be if they knew exactly what you wanted to have happen and have the means at hand to follow your wishes. Consider the planning you do now to be your final future gift to your loved ones.

Your Legacy to the Wider World

While estate planning can entail some difficult choices and means confronting uncomfortable issues, it does provide a sense of relief and peace of mind when it is done. You’ll know that you have done your best to plan and provide for yourself and for loved ones, as well as the causes you’ve cared about during your lifetime. There is great satisfaction in knowing what your legacy on earth will be.

If you’re fortunate enough to accomplish some important basics, you’re then in a position to provide for family members and other loved ones. Thereafter, if you have the desire and the means, it becomes appropriate to think about a legacy you can leave for the wider world.

Inspire new religious perspectives: Support SKSM with a Gift in Your Estate

We hope that you will consider arranging a gift to Starr King School for the Ministry when you set up (or update) your estate plan. We realize that we will never replace family members and other loved ones in your plans, and we wouldn’t want to. Part of your planning process is to consider how much to leave to individual heirs; what remains can be used to fulfill your charitable dreams and desires.

If you would like to support Starr King School for the Ministry through your will or living trust, click here for sample bequest wording you can share with your attorney. Or consider a gift by beneficiary designation – it has many of the same advantages while being among the most tax-wise ways to give.

Next Steps

Contact our Advancement team via email at for additional information on bequests or beneficiary designations and how they can help support Starr King School for the Ministry with our mission.

If you have already named Starr King School for the Ministry in your plans, please contact us so that your wishes for your gift may be documented. We want to make sure that your legacy to SKSM is handled just as you desire.

Document Your Wishes: Download our SKSM Planned Gift Letter of Intent so that SKSM will know about your generous gift and can make sure your wishes are recorded.

The information on this website is not intended as legal or tax advice. Consult an attorney or tax advisor.