Beneficiary Designations

Updating Your Beneficiary Designations: a quick and easy way to make a BIG difference

If you are passionate about supporting Starr King School for the Ministry with our mission even after your lifetime, making the school the beneficiary of some of your assets is an easy method to support SKSM. Just name Starr King School for the Ministry as a beneficiary to receive assets such as retirement plans and life insurance policies after you’re gone. You simply fill out a form that is entirely separate from your will—which makes this approach an easy way to give

Not only is it an easy way to give, but it’s also flexible—you aren’t locked into the choices you make today. You can review and adjust beneficiary designations anytime you want. You can make Starr King a sole or partial beneficiary of a retirement account or an insurance policy.

Beneficiary Designation Checklist

  • Defined Contribution Plans: For instance, 401(k)s, 403(b)s, 457s, Simplified Employee Pension, etc.
  • Defined Benefit Plans: Such as pension plans
  • Individual Retirement Accounts: IRAs
  • Life insurance plans: all types
  • Accidental death and dismemberment insurance

You can choose to make SKSM the sole beneficiary, the beneficiary of a specific percentage, or the contingent beneficiary after a spouse or other loved one. The funds realized from this legacy gift can be given as unrestricted or restricted for a specific purpose (scholarships, faculty support). You can also stipulate that the funds be held in our endowment and the proceeds off of that investment be used for your chosen purpose. This means your legacy will last in perpetuity.

Next Steps

Contact our Advancement team via email at for additional information on bequests or beneficiary designations and how they can help support Starr King School for the Ministry with our mission.

If you have already named Starr King School for the Ministry in your plans, please contact us so that your wishes for your gift may be documented. We want to make sure that your legacy to SKSM is handled just as you desire.

Document Your Wishes: Download our SKSM Planned Gift Letter of Intent so that SKSM will know about your generous gift and can make sure your wishes are recorded.

This information is not intended as legal or tax advice. Consult an attorney or tax advisor.