Rev. Tet Gallardo

Research Scholar


Ma. Theresa (Tet) Gallardo (2016-2017) Rev. Tet Gallardo was ordained by the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Philippines (UUCP) in April 2013 and called to serve the only congregation in Manila, the Bicutan Congregation.

For eight years previous to this, she has served as co-leader of a chalice circle, served as consultant for the Bicutan Congregation and as resource speaker on leadership development for the congregational conventions of the UUCP.

For over twenty years, she has worked on organizing women, youth, farmers, and labor interests for political pressure that results in better legislation. Thus, she has served over thirty NGOs and has served as a consultant for many government leaders and political campaign managers for strategic leadership and communications.

In 2015, she founded a company that helps Philippine startups through the stages of establishing business and developing the value chain – She spent March 2016 in Nepal, taking a break from church and work by volunteering in disaster relief.