Rev. Nancy Reid-McKee



Nancy began her professional ministry late, entering Starr King School for the Ministry in her late 50’s and beginning her first parish ministry at the age of 62. The path to ministry began when she became a Unitarian Universalist in the year 2000, and subsequently became a Community Organizer and immersed in Social Justice work in her congregation and local community. As part of my UU volunteer work, Nancy began a profession staff position for Social Justice ministry at her congregation, and began the Arizona state action network (UUJAZ).

Prior to the ministry call, Nancy was a Nurse Practitioner for almost 30 years, working in the Navajo then the Shoshone/Paiute Reservations, in inner-city Atlanta, at the Veteran’s Administration hospital, and running the Women’s Health programs for the county public health department. She has had both management and direct care positions, and enjoyed the wide array of experiences.

Nancy currently lives in Kirkland, WA with her husband Clark. Her two children live in Minnesota and Colorado. Prior to moving here, she lived in Arizona for 20 years, which is the longest she has stayed in any one place. Born in New Zealand, Nancy moved to Cleveland, OH in childhood, then lived in Massachusetts, Georgia, California and Arizona.