A calm Rabbi with curly hair stands in front of a tree with vibrant red leaves. Wearing a checked coat over a blue shirt, Ora Nitkin-Kaner commands attention as the background softly blurs around them.

Rabbi Ora Nitkin-Kaner

Adjunct Faculty


BA, University of Toronto
MA, University of Toronto
MA, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College



Rabbi Ora Nitkin-Kaner is a climate change chaplain, educator, and the founder of Exploring Apocalypse, a non-denominational climate change chaplaincy practice rooted in the original meaning of ‘apocalypse’: ‘to uncover’ or ‘to reveal.’ Rabbi Nitkin-Kaner supports her clients to explore what climate change is revealing in the world and in them, and helps them move through grief and fear towards a deeper rootedness when it comes to climate emotions. In addition to her climate chaplaincy, Rabbi Nitkin-Kaner leads workshops on the spiritual and emotional disorientations and invitations of the climate crisis, and lectures on the emerging field of climate change chaplaincy and intergenerational trauma’s impact on climate emotions. To learn more, visit www.exploringapocalypse.com.

Ordained by the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, Rabbi Nitkin-Kaner also holds an MA from the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, an MA from the University of Toronto, and a BA from the University of Toronto. Prior to her work as a climate change chaplain and educator, Rabbi Nitkin-Kaner served as a congregational rabbi, hospital and hospice chaplain, and yoga and meditation teacher.