Dr. Andrea Vestrucci

Research Professor


Ph.D., University of Lille and University of Milan
Th.D., University of Geneva


Andrea Vestrucci (Ph.D., University of Lille and University of Milan; Th.D., University of Geneva) teaches and conducts his research in theology for the Graduate Theological Union. He is also Privatdocent at the University of Geneva. Previously, he has served as Professor at the Federal University in Fortaleza (Brazil); Australia Award Fellow of Monash University; Researcher at the University of Milan and the Eric Weil Institute in Lille, France; Visiting Professor at the Institute of Ecumenical Studies at the University of Muenster, Germany.

He specializes in Systematic Theology, Interreligious Dialogue, Ethics, and History of Theology and Philosophy. His research focuses on:

– Theological approaches to contemporary challenges: pluralism of concepts and ideas of freedom; ecological sustainability; religion in the public context; technological developments.

– The methodology of interreligious dialogue, the relationship between religious and linguistic pluralism, and how the dialogical praxis improves and provokes religious self-understanding and self-awareness.

– Religion, ethics, and Artificial Intelligence.

– Martin Luther and Luther’s scholarship.

– Eric Weil and Agnes Heller’s ethics and philosophy of politics.

He counts 60+ publications (in English, French, Italian, and Portuguese) and 40+ conference presentations in the US, Australia, Switzerland, Brazil, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Poland.