Alex Kapitan

Research Scholar



Alex Kapitan is a lay community minister, educator, editor, consultant, and activist. Kapitan is the co-founder of the Transforming Hearts Collective, which supports churches, faith institutions, and religious professionals in gaining skills in radical welcome, as well as supporting queer and trans people in accessing spirituality, resilience, and healing. Kapitan is also the founder of Radical Copyeditor, an anti-oppressive language project.

Kapitan is the coauthor, with Rev. Mykal Slack, of the program Transgender Inclusion in Congregations, and regularly offers guest preaching, training, and consultations for Unitarian Universalist congregations and organizations on radical welcome and culture shift. Kapitan also provides trainings and consultations on using language for liberation for clients as varied as university presses, trade publishers, academic journals, activist organizations, and museums.

Kapitan’s professional service has included serving on the Equity & Accountability Panel for Skinner House Books; the steering committee of TRUUsT, the organization of trans Unitarian Universalist religious professionals; and spirituality working groups at both the annual Creating Change Conference and the Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference. Kapitan’s writing can be found in anthologies including Falling Into the Sky, Becoming, and Justice on Earth, as well as on the blogs “Radical Copyeditor” and “Roots Grow the Tree.”

Kapitan’s current research focus is LGBTQ+ Unitarian, Universalist, and Unitarian Universalist ancestors.