Digital Theological Library

Starr King is a member institution of the Digital Theological Library 2 (DTL2), a co-owned online library for theology and graduate religious studies. Through DTL2, SKSM has joined the second cohort of twenty graduate schools to utilize a DTL database. DTL2 offers tens of thousands of journals and hundreds of thousands of books across multiple disciplines, extending beyond religious studies to include other fields in the humanities as well as the sciences.

The use of the DTL2 is pretty intuitive, but you can view tutorials here. The tutorial videos show the original DTL, but the differences between the two libraries are cosmetic.

How to Log In

  1. Go to
  2. Browse for an item in one of the menus at the bottom of the page e.g. “Books” or enter a term in the search box.
  3. Users can browse without logging in. You will be prompted to log in upon selecting a specific resource. You will see a button with text such as “View Full Text” or “View e-Book.”
  4. When you click on that button, it opens a login page. Please select Starr King School for the Ministry from the dropdown list for schools. For “Barcode or Student ID” you will enter your Populi barcode.
    – To find your barcode, login to Populi and click on “My Profile.” Look at the web address for that page and you will see your barcode provided there; e.g.:
    – Please contact the registrar if you are still unable to locate your barcode.
  5. Once you are logged in, you will remain so during your current browser session.

DTL2 “How To” Log In Instructions

You will be able to schedule Zoom consultations with the reference librarian as an individual or for group projects or whole-class sessions.

Registration Procedures

  1. Log In to Populi at using your User Name and Password
  2. Your Populi username was emailed to you in your Welcome Letter, and the system sent you a link to set your password. If you have misplaced these, please contact the Registrar at for your username and/or to reset your password.
  3. Change the default to “Show All Courses” instead of “Show Available Courses.” This will show you available courses, and also courses that are full or require Faculty Consent/Approval. to add a course, click + in the Enroll column. To be added to the waitlist for a full course, click the clock symbol. Waitlists for full courses are managed automatically, in the order of sign ups, by Populi (if students drop the course). To be provisionally registered (i.e., waitlisted) for a Faculty Consent/Approval course, click the clock symbol. Faculty Consent/Approval waitlists are determined after the instructor receives all the questionnaires. Populi will send you an email if/when you have been moved off a waitlist on to an active roster. Please always register for an alternate course if you are on a waitlist in case you do not clear the waitlist. If the system does not allow you to register for a course, it might be because:
    – You have not fulfilled the prerequisites to enroll in that course
    – You have already registered for another section of that same course
    – You have already completed the course
    – There is a schedule conflict between that course and a course for which you’ve already registered.
  4. As you select courses, the information for Show All Courses updates:
    – The meeting times for courses having schedule conflicts with My Courses turn red.
    – Hours/credits turn red if those courses would cause you to run afoul of the term’s Max Hours/Credits limit.
    – If you enroll in a course that requires enrollment in a corequisite course, you’ll see a notice to that effect. Click the radio button to add the corequisite to My Courses .
  5. To remove a course, click the icon that looks like a Trashcan under My Courses.
  6. Click Save to submit your registration changes . You can also click Undo Changes to erase any changes you made since you last saved registration.

Reference Librarian

Starr King has also contracted with DTL2 for the services of a reference librarian, Chris Crawford. The reference librarian is available to recommend, interpret, evaluate, and/or use information resources to help patrons with specific information needs. For other assistance, please contact the Coordinator of Academic Programs.

Chris can be emailed at

If necessary, Zoom meetings can also be scheduled using the following link:

The reference librarian’s office hours are 8 am –12 pm PT during the work week.