WEAV Fieldwork – Spring

Session: Spring
Type: Field Education
Units: 1.5
Academic Year: 2024 – 2025
Approval Required: No

WEAV Training for UU Congregations

The Fieldwork course is designed to support you as a community of leaders to incorporate learning from your own reflections on the process, joys, and challenges of facilitating and also to learn from other religious educators’ and leaders’ experiences.

Each of the Fieldwork WEAV sessions is 1.5 hours in length and can be done weekly over a couple of months, or 2 sessions per weekend for 5 weeks, or however it works to schedule WEAV that allows everyone to attend all 10 sessions.

The 10-session fieldwork experience must occur during the SKSM Spring semester of 2025 between the beginning of February and the end of April 2025 within your home spiritual community.

1.5 credits

Prerequisite: WEAV Training for UU Congregations