UU Theologies

Session: Fall
Type: Asynchronous
Units: 3
Academic Year: 2019 - 2020
Approval Required: Yes

This reading-intensive online course grounds its exploration in the fundamentals of liberal theology, through a survey of Unitarian Universalist voices. Its main purpose is to engage those considering UU ministry in the practice of theological reflection while exploring some of the historical, philosophical, and theological contexts shaping Unitarian Universalism as we know it today. This course is not intended to replace a class in systematic theology. Students will be expected to complete the reading, write a brief weekly reading response, and participate in dialogue about personal and spiritual responses to the topics each week. All students are required to submit a final paper or project. Class is limited to 25 students, please contact instructor for permission to enroll.

Relates to Starr King Threshold 1 and MFC Competency 6.

This course is online only.

Students MUST contact the professor prior to registering. Registration is contingent on faculty approval.

[A systematic theology class or UU History before or concurrently with this course; 25 max enrollment]