Transformative Ritual Craft

Session: Fall
Type: Synchronous
Units: 3
Academic Year: 2020 - 2021
Approval Required: No

Transformative Ritual Craft is an exploration into the art and technology of ritual craft. This course supports students in developing a nuanced understanding of successful ritual structures and empowers students in cultivating skills to create and guide ritual. The course itself is a ritual immersion, with each class meeting structured as a ritual experience. Students are encouraged to deepen their own ritual practices, to experience rituals in contexts new to them and to craft and guide ritual for community. Students will identify their strengths and edges in ritual craft and leadership, and will receive structured support in enhancing their existing ritual strengths and in nurturing arenas in which they seek additional growth and experience. The Transformative Ritual Craft class will also participate in monthly online SKSM chapel services, which occur during class time.

Limited to 20 students.

SKSM Thresholds #1,3,5,8 and MFC #1 and 7.