Sociology of Religion

Type: Intensive, Synchronous
Units: 3
Academic Year: 2019 - 2020
Approval Required: No

ECO, multi-religious intensive, or prior course in sociology

What does religion do? What can religion show us about the history, culture and context of a group or population? How is religious experience shaped, transformed and reconfigured in society? This course introduces the ways in which social scientists have analyzed religious beliefs, practices, rituals and culturals as social phenomena. Using a counter-oppressive framework, students will analyze religion in the context of institutions, politics, community and other social structures. Students will learn classic and contemporary theories and approaches to the sociological study of religion and develop their own informed questions for further research and intellectual inquiry. Assignments include student-led discussion of readings, a community-based engagement activity and a visual religious culture projects. High residency.

Relates to Thresholds 1 and 3, MFC competency 6.

[ECO, multi-religious intensive, or prior course in sociology; 25 max enrollment; Auditors excluded].

Course meets daily, 1/6/2020-1/10/2020, from 9:00am to 5:00pm at SKSM, with 1-2 evening field trips. Instructor: Rev. Dr. Megan Visser