Religious Freedom, Justice, and Democracy

Session: Fall
Type: Online, Synchronous
Units: 3
Days: WED
Time: 2:10-5:00pm
Academic Year: 2023 - 2024
Approval Required: No
Download: Course Document

Religious privilege has, and continues to, shape the discourse about public policies in the United States. Too often this imposes on the civil and human rights of marginalized groups in the areas of voting rights, public education, health care, and environmental concerns. The struggle for freedom and justice cannot be fully understood without acknowledging the First Amendment freedoms at the heart of these struggles. Particular attention will be given to how and in what ways power, violence, identity, and pluralism form and frame the discourse of religious freedom across space and time. This course will feature experts actively engaged in addressing these issues in multiple contexts.

This is an online synchronous course for MDiv and MASC students. Students will be required to attend the virtual Religious Freedom Mobile Institute on October 26, 7am-2pm PST and 4pm-6pm PST(evening program) and October 27, 7am-2pm PST.

Relates to thresholds: 1. Life in Religious Community and Interfaith Engagement 2. Prophetic Witness and Work 6. Thea/ology in Culture and Context 7. Educating for Wholeness and Liberation and MFC Competencies: 4. Social Justice in the Public Square 7. Leads the faith into the future.

Maximum enrollment is 20. Auditors excluded.