Promised Land and Immigrants

Session: Fall
Type: Asynchronous, Online
Units: 3
Academic Year: 2023 - 2024
Approval Required: No
Download: Course Document

This online asynchronous course will focus on the cases of Latina/o immigrants in the United States and Japan in relation to their experiences of faith, ethnicity, and gender. The approach is interdisciplinary as we will draw from several fields for the analysis of the class topics. The goal of the course is to provide grounds for students to acquire tools for understanding the different realities of immigrants. Issues of faith, race/ethnicity, gender and migration will be constantly connected to pastoral reflection throughout the course, especially since our world is increasingly becoming multicultural, multiethnic and multi-religious. The target audience is both MA and MASC students.

The course fulfills the following thresholds: Thresholds: 1. Life in Religious Community and Interfaith Engagement; 2. Prophetic Witness and Work; 6. Thea/ology in Culture and Context; 7. Educating for Wholeness and Liberation.

The course also complies with the following MFCs: 2. Pastoral Care and Presence; 3. Spiritual Development for Self and Others, 4. Social Justice in the Public Square; 7. Leads the Faith into the Future.

[Max enrollment: 20. Auditors excluded.]