Power, Organizations, and Movements

Session: Spring
Type: Online, Synchronous
Units: 3
Academic Year: 2021 - 2022
Approval Required: No

The rationale of this synchronous online course is to engage the interdependence of internal and collective power in contributing to organizations, movements, regeneration, and liberation. The course will explore specific approaches to social change through various perspectives of power, organization, and movement. Participants will have the opportunity to develop their connection to collective liberation by: studying power, organizations, and movements; working with concrete tools and practices that deepen internal, interpersonal, and institutional relationships with power and social change; reflecting upon the wisdom of spiritual and secular sources; and collaborating in the equitable cultivation of community. Students will be expected to complete readings, responsibilities, case-studies, reflections, and a final group project, all of which contribute to the collective wisdom of the class.

Relates to SKSM Thresholds 2, 4, & 6, and MFC Comps 3, 5, & 7. Fulfills History of Dissenting Traditions & Thexlogical Quest threshold.

[19 max enrollment; Auditors excluded]